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Erection lasting for 90 million years suggests ancient super-Viagra

Researchers of the Berlin Museum for Natural Science have made a discovery that challenges the value of the pharmaceutically produced Viagra or Sildenafil. Wheras their efficiancy to treat erectile dysfunction usually lasts only a few hours, a moskito like insect in the collection of the Museums has a hard time that lasts already for 99 million years.

A description of the fossil has been published in The Science of Nature, explaining that several of the arachnid's features, such as slender legs, crossed-eye view and a pink-red neck region shows all the features also known in modern men after consuming Viagra. However, the morphology of the penis is unlike that of your husbands one-eyed trouser snake, since it shows a shimmering appearance that would make it  suitable to be weared as a jewelery on a necklace.
The ancient harvestman – otherwise known as a daddy longlegs – has surely broken the record for the longest sustained erection in history, and researchers are confident that by carfully analyzing all the different comnpunds in the amber block around it will help them to discover the magic drug.