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Lightminutes, not Lightyears away

This afternoon I had a strange, almost metaphysical experience. But in fact, it was a physical experience mediated by my mind. It was at about 5 pm, and on my way home I came across this very plain field that offers a undisturbed view on the western horizon. And just at this moment, the sun was still two fingers above the horizon and by some rarely occuring atmospheric conditions, it appeared completely sharp but with reduced intensity. So one could look right into the sun without hurting the eyes. And at the same time, the sun was still strong enough (maybe at least its IR component) to warm the face. And the ball of the sun appeared subjectively much larger than usually. I could imagine that the ancient Egyptians who worshiped Ra, and the Mayas in South America who also warshipped the sun, both had this experience more frequently. A good chance to remember once again that this years has been declared "International Year of Light" by the United Nations.


Funny Fish

Richard Dawkins sharp mind and his courageous spirit makes me proud and confident that culture, moral and ethical standards don't need any religion.  He gave a great example of what real dedication and courage can be, when during the pope's visit to London he issued a call for the Pope's arrest for "crimes against humanity" and his role in the defence of sexual child abuse by catholic priests.
There is a funny thing:  In honour of his work in genetics, a fish species was name after him:  Dawkinsia Rohani.
Yes, who would not immediately see the link to Hassan Rohani, who thanks to his religious studies in a Qom Seminary also shares parts of this creature.  I guess he is responsible for the tail, and Richard Dawkins for the head.