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No tears about a failed PCR, Baby

Hello Ghazal,
I hope you are not in the lab anymore. You work a lot, maybe too much, my dear. I hope this is because you like the project, I hope it is not because life outside the lab does not bear any promises for you.
I did not checked the weather-forcast for tomorrow, but my superstition tells me that whenever one plans something nice, it will be sunny. Lets see.
In the worst case, we can quit the beach and go somewhere else, into town if you want to hear some music or to watch a movie (yesterday the movie-festival started here in Munich). But I would prefer to go to the lake.
I checked our collection of DVDs which can be played with english tone. Not many hollywood block-buster among them, unfortunately. Some Stanley Kubrik classics, "Cabaret" featuring Liza Minelli, "Hitchhikers Guide through the Universe", "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Brazil". You have probably never heard these titles, but if you like I can give them to you (none of them is really bad, none of them is adult-only. They are entertaining, I would say.)

How do you spend the evening ? Have you tried the Himalaya-rice already ? The chocolate you brought is delicious, but it is such a large box, it will last for month.

Relax, Take care, Don"t forget to put out the candle before you go to bed.


Hi Michael,

I did a lot today in the lab, but I only got bad results. You will see the gel for the modified PCR tomorrow. And the other gel that I ran had really weak bands, so i run it on the PCR overnight again.

After lab I always get tired and just want to go back home to study and relax. But it is very kind of you to think about me, i appreciate that you care. but i prefer to just go home and relax.

i havent tried the rice yet, was too tired. but i will. maybe tomorrow.
good that you liked the chocolate. i bought one for claudia as well.

you were right , i have never heard of the movies you suggested. sounds like books? and you know what i think about books.

take care goodnight


Hi Ghazal, my dear,

Sorry to hear that your evening yesterday was overshadowed by the frustrations about this unseccessful PCR. Don"t take it personel !!
I"m sure there was something wrong either with the new batch of the green master-mix (might be they gave me the last two packs and they were already old) or I made a mistake when setting-up the new PCR program. We will check today.
But it is also important during a project to experience that things don"t always run perfect, and pitfalls can happen everyday. But it is crucial trying to find out why it happened and consequently trying to eliminate the source.
Don"t worry, we will find the bug that made you so sad yesterday evening (or to speak with H.C.Anderson, we will find the "pea under the matress that did not let you sleep").

No tears, please.

See you today



Day Dreams at a Summer Night

Hello Ghazal, my dear,

Sorry I came back to the office much later than planed and therefore did not met you any more to wish you a pleasant evening.
I hope you are alright and could enjoy these marvelous last hours of a summer day. I remember you once told me that you used to escape into day-dreams.
I"m wondering if a beautiful day like the one today might not be superiour to a dream? But who knows what your dreams are about?
I was making a short ride-out with the bike and our dog, through the wild nature around our village. There is a tiny river, but it is cristal-clear, and there are old stone-bridges (look like from roman times) that were in use maybe hundreds of years ago. Now they are abandoned and stay there on the plain fields without having a function. But they are build in such a solid way that they will be there for the next thousands of years. They are just beautiful, without having a function any more. And now people living here use them for a rest. At the first bridge I arrived, some teenagers were just preparing for a party (it is a quite hidden place and they probably wanted to smoke something illegaly). They wanted to invite me, but I am probably to serious to accept. At the next bridge, a young man was sitting and playing a bandoneon, very silently but you could imagine that he might soon perform at an tango concert. At the next bridge my dog forced me to stop for a while, since she likes to jump into the water and swim. While I was waiting for her, two girls arrived and started to make photographs from each other. Still being there to play with my dog and listening the silly chats of the two, a young man arrive also on a bike and prayed this paradise-like evening.
Ghazal, do you also have moments like this when in the light of the evening sun all problems and difficulties seem to disappear in nothing ? Is this what you call day-dreams ? Probably a very special type of them, which should be rather called end-of-day dreams.

wish you a good night Michael

hi michael,

haha no the daydreams are just things that i have in my mind. things that i have to do or something. not really dreams.
i see that u had a nice and interesting day, thats good.

see u in the lab tomorrow! take care

Hi Ghazal,

It was a pleasure to read your words. I think that with the ability to dream, every day, every evening can become a miracle, does not matter where you are or what you own. Somebody said that the beauty of a picture lays in the eye of the viewer. Maybe it is the same with how we see the entire world and our own life.
I"m talking silly things. I should better let you sleep, it is already late.

See you tomorrow



Self-reflecting letter and the potential of Woodoo

Hi Ghazal,

Do you enjoy the time at home ? What a question, of course you do.
Today is the first day that the rain stoped here in Munich. I think that there is just no water left in the atmosphere, it is probably dried out now and we might see the rest of the summer only dry earth and yellow gras. Hard to say, what is worse. Again, people were mainly watching football today in the coffee-room, somebody lost, somebody won, don"t ask me who and why and how. I think it all has to do with african Woodoo. Ghazal, I miss a lot the talks with you which are always inspiring and refreshing. How boring is football compared to this. Even writing just a few sentences to you gives me back the mental energy I loos when I hear the football noise.

Yesterday I went once again through the translation that you did from Gustafssons essay on Berlin, and I like it more and more. Do you mind, if I send it to Gustafsson to include it on his blog ? I would further translate from your english variant into a german text. There are always translations that readers of the blog did. I guess they have to be authorized by Gustafsson himself, in the worst case he might do some final corrections. Sorry, I forgot that you don"t care so much about books and written stuff, but I promise you, Ghazal, when Gustafsson will finally get the Nobel Prize in Stockholm at the Swedish Academy, your family and your friends will be extremely proud of you for beeing an approved translator. Come on, don"t tell me that you still don"t care. We are always seeking for fame, what is absolutely human, because we are social beeings to a larger or to lesser degree. Only an autistic person does not care about fame.

I"m afraid the longer messages I write you the less you are inspired to answer to them. I guess if you would say now "No e-mails any more, please. I just closed my Hotmail acount", I would probably continue to write them just for my own reflections. It is the only moment during the day when I find some rest and can escape from the helter-skelter going on around me. I think everybody needs somebody to address its thoughts to. Some people probably still belief that they can talk to god, what is for me no option and I guess even the most religious people hardly can remember to have ever recieved an answer from god. You are sending an answer at least sometime, what is already much better. And sometimes you are even physically present to talk to.

Enjoy the evening

Yours Michael


Happy Birthday

Dear Ghazal,

I wish you a Happy Birthday full of joy and energy and a good start into the next year of your life. I put a piece of music on youtube. Either search for "Ghazals Birthday" or directly click here.

Hope it works.


I saw it. thank you for the nice music.
have a nice day



Munich-Stockholm Chat

Hi Ghazal, did you arrived well in Stockholm ?
Take Care, Michael

Hi Michael!
Yes I arrived well. Came home very late so I just slept.
Thank you for all the help yesterday.
Take care!

Dear Ghazal,
You don"t have to say "Thank you", honestly, I did not felt doing something that I did not enjoyed myself. The few hours walking around town with you and chatting are always like a short holiday break for me. Therefore, If anybody has to say "thank you", it would rather be me.
Take care, my dear


Max Speed Driving Home

Dear Ghazal,

Are you still awake ? It would be fair enough to escape this grey evening into morpheus empire (as an explanation for us and all other atheists : morpheus was the god of dreams and sleep in greek mythology).
I probably will watch a movie tonight in TV, therefor I stay up. Movie is called Brokeback Mountain, maybe you heard about it. It is about two gay cowboys and got very good critics and won several Oskars. I saw some other movies by the same director Ang Lee, which I liked.
Do you have some films to watch on your PC ? I will check next week if I find some DVDs in english language that I could give to you.

After I dropped you at the guesthouse tonight, I drove back along the completely empty Ingolstaedter Strasse. I tried maximum speed and for a couple of seconds reached 170 kmh. Thanks god, I did not fall asleep again. But this would have be extremely unlikely today, first because it is low altitute here, and second, but more relevant, because I always feel very inspired when we drove somewhere together and I ccould listen to your voice.

O, before I forget, here is something important for you (you see I first let you wait and make you read all this nonsense about a movie, my high-speed adventure and your voice before releasing the information that you asked me for):

There is indeed a shop called Adidas Original Munich. It is in Hohenzollernstrasse, near Munchener Freiheit. I"m sure you will find something suitable for your brother there. Lets go there tomorrow after work, and later I can bring you straight to your Airport Bus.

Hope you are fine

Good night



Swedish Guide through IKEA

Dear Ghazal,

You probably filled your apartment already with the vanilla smell coming from the scent candle. Be carefull you don"t fall asleep with the candle still burning !!!
Was Chrysi satisfied with the pillow ? I was really amazed when I saw you testing the quality of the different cushions at the IKEA store. It so much reminded me of the fairytale "Prinzess on the pea" by Anderson (I think in swedish it is call "Prinsessan på ärten"). Did your parents told you this story ? If not, remind me of it and I will tell you sometime.
Ghazal, I have to admit that I was lying to you today: I have never been to this IKEA befor. I guess you felt it already when I drove 20 km to far north. Thanks god you are such a polite person that you did not said anything. I hope you are not disappointed now. I promise you, in general I"m very thrustworthy. An in particular if it comes to finding a way through an unknown landscape.

I will send you the old e-mail with the pictures from Berlin to your Helmholtz-Address, cause the images are probably to large to be seen on your mobile.

Sleep well ,

PS: I rarely had such an entertaining ride on the motorway, through the rain and the traffic jam as today with you. And I"m very happy if I can make you laugh.


Night Mail

Hi Ghazal my dear,
Thanks for the messsage, it really enlightened this dark and grey evening for me. To be honest, if I read your words, no matter what they say, it seems I can hear your voice, and this is more than the pure exchange of information.
Also, when you write that music by Sade suits your taste best, I"m really happy knowing one thing more that you like (in addition to IKEAs Pizza and Hot Chocolate). But in general, I find it really difficult to guess what you dream of. I hope not of a royal marriage the kind we will soon see in Stockholm between a princess and a fitness-coach. You probably don"t have to worrie a lot about dreams, because you live in a quite safe situation, with parents caring for you, a boy-friend who loves you and your whole life being still open. Therefore, there is in fact no need to torture yourself with dreams, most of which will either never come true or take to long to become real, and you better think about what makes you happy today.
About the music: your guess who is the older and who the young of the two singers was not right, sorry. Sade had her big times in the 80s, her first record "Diamond Life" was released 1984, about the same time when Michael Jackson started his carrier. And this album was also sold in license in east-germany, and I was very lucky to get one and heard it day and night in my students appartment. The songs I put on the CD, however, are from her recent 2010 album "Soldier of Love". If one compares songs from these two records, which are separated by about 25 years, they both sound very similar and still very appealing.

It is already late again, and I will stop now.

Have a good night, see you tomorrow


Asa, Sade and McLaughlin, de Lucia, Al di Meola


The music you gave me was not the type of music i usually listen to. Friday night in san francisco.... it was only intruments??right? I have never heard it before. Asa and Sade. I liked Sade more. Some of sade's songs i liked actually. they were calm and nice. so i guess hmm.. that sade is from the new generation, so from 21th century and Asa i really didnt like.. tried to listen and enjoy but couldnt really. Asa is then from 20th century. Am I right?
My parents mostly listened to michael jackson modern talking during my childhood i remember, and persian music.dont hitnk they listened to friday night in san francisco.:)

Thank you for the music. you did not have to do this.

yees, football is not so fun. only if there is someone you want to win! then you can watch the game when that country is playing.. otherwise it is not so fun.

see you



Books ripped to Pieces by Cats Claws

Ghazal, my dear,

What can I say ? Fur sure you defend your position with great verve, of course you have your experience with books, I have mine. For sure, we probably read different sorts of books. Strange enough, if I would read once again the type of books that I liked when I was in your age, I probably would be bored in a similar way you are.
Sometimes I get books as a present that are so bad that I burn them in an open fire. But with other books I could completely forget time and place and escape into another world. Once beeing back from there, I may see the real world with different eyes.

Your last e-mail reminded me of a cat, that everybody only knows for its lovely purring voice. And suddenly, this cat stands up, starts hissing and shows it claws. At the end, it is not the purring cat that earns our respekt, but the one who can defend its position. Well done.

Good night


Purring Cat starts hissing

dear michael,

finally u got my email right.
i dont like to read.i think its boring. but i have tried. i start to read some pages and then i never open the book again. other things are more interesting than the book. but you are right. it is good to read. and my parents like to read.

yes i booked the ticket to sweden. i will go on friday. it is not for the food! it is because my mum really wanted me there for my birthday. but i am not planning on going to sweden again soon.
yes maybe we can go to ikea on wednesday. i will ask chrysi too, think she wanted to go there before.

see you tomorrow and have a good night.


Books and Food

Dear Ghazal,

It would be a blunt lie to say that I only write you now to check if my computer finally understands that there is a difference between an _ and an . in your mail address.
I checked today which e-mails were sent to this wrong address over the last weeks, and these were probably about 10. If I put them all together, they read like a diary.
I want to thank you once again for translating this difficult article by Gustafsson. If I would not know all the places that he describes, I would probably consider the text hard to understand same as you did.
I am a bit afraid that you are now a bit discouraged from reading more by this excellent author. But you should try. I remember the first book that I got from him was "The Tennisplayer", I red it in the 80s while studying. It is a very entertaining story about the life at an american university. I found it in a bookshop in a small village, because books from western authors were always sold-out in big cities.
Ghazal, did you really said today that you don"t read books ? This cannot be, sorry, I don"t believe you. You are much to smart, and I"m sure that your parents consider books very important. Ancient Persia was a centre of knowledge written down in books and stored in libraries, and this was for two reasons: to warship the beauty of life, nature and man (in poetry) and to improve human knowledge (in scientific, medical and philosophic books). This was all done in Persia at a time, when in europe only dogmatism and religious intollerance was ruling the spiritual life. Ghazal, I"m really not trying to cheer you, but without the books that were kept in the libraries in Damaskus, Bagdad or Isfahan, we would lack a lot of our current knowledge.
Do you already have your ticket to Sweden ? I guess you are leaving on Friday, right ? I got the impression, that you go home quite regular every 3 weeks. Don"t tell me that you have to go because all your food has finished, therefore you have to visit your mom to get a fresh supply. Your poor parents might think that life in Germany is so dreadful and you suffer from malnutrition. I"d like to drive you to the IKEA pizza-corner before you go to Sweden, so at least you can tell everybody that pizzas are quite the same here and there. Whats about tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday ?

I hope you don"t find my messages somehow annoying. I don"t want to interfere with your life if you think I should not. I only want to entertain you, hoping that some of my stories are so silly that they make you laugh. If this happens, I would be completely satisfied.

Good Night Michael


Rewiring the Connection

Hi Ghazal, my dear,

When I received your e-mail tonight I realized that I must be a bit more careful in asking you for a favor. It was so nice that you helped me with the article by Gustafsson, but I feel guilty now that you spend your free time of the weekend for this. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no clue that the article about Berlin was written in such an philosophic language. You said that many words you have never heard before - I guess these are solely the Berlin-specific names of buildings, theaters, places etc. Usually, Mr. Gustafsson writes in a very poetic language for my feeling, as long as it has to do with his own life. But since he also worked as lecturer for philosophy in Texas and in Schweden, he probably switches for essays to a more theoretical and abstract language (like this in the article).
I don"t know how popular he is in his home country Schweden, maybe he is seen there as a difficult writer, not the one to become a bestseller. And I"m also afraid that his books are more appealing for male readers, he rarely writes about people that live a simple, happy life. Usually the figures in his books suffer a bit from the modern life and society, but they don"t fight against this situation, instead trying to get around this conflict by fleeing into a world of dreams and memories. Although this kind of literature is not mainstream, I tell you he will get the Nobel Prize. I hope he has still many years to live and write.

I was so relieved reading that you made a trip to Salzburg and exploited the sunny Saturday for this. Did you met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart there ? Sometimes an actor from the famous Salzburger Theater dresses up and walks through the city. Did you visited one of the amazing austrian Coffe-Houses ? These are the second home of many austrian writers and intellectuals and the breedingplace of their books. They like the special atmosphere there of a public place, that at the same time gave them an anonymous shelter.

I told you that we went to the concert of Greenday Friday night, that was me, my son and Iria. Iria met their friends, who came over from UK only to hear the group. Therefore most of the time I was alone with my son. For him it was the first big concert, before he was listening to music only from the computer or from his mobile phone. There were approx.40 000 people and it was very hot, I mean the spirit. It was a warm summer night, with a lot of show and firework. I have to admitt, that I am probably addicted to good music, and this Band from the US was very very good (I still regret that I only asked you by e-mail to come. It would have been much better just to grab your hand and take you to the concert !!). The music by Greenday has an absolute non-commercial base, it is very political, very strong without compromise. I"ll try to get some and bring it you.

I"m sure our communication will be a bit easier now that you told me I must take more attention to your correct e-mail address. Ghazal, its not exaggerating, but I send maybe one message every day the last weeks, obviously to a wrongly spelled hotmail-box of yours, and now have to realize that they all ended up somewhere in the cyber-labyrinth. I think I have them all still as copy on my computer, and if you want I can put them all on a CD for you. What a chaos. I probably confused your name at the hotmail-address with the same at the helmholtz-address (which comes with an . between first and last name, not with space). Strange enough, neither of the messages with the wrong hotmail-address came back with an error-message. I have to write and complaine to the hotmail-people: This can not just cause a privat confusion, but who knows, maybe if politicians exchange there letter through hotmail and things go awful, this might cause international crisis, economic decline and violent confrontations. Sorry, I"m talking silly things.

Sleep well, see you tomorrow



Lars Gustafsson, Music and a wrong Mail-Address

Dear Michael

Yesterday was a wonderful day, I went to Salzburg with chrysi and some other flatmates.Today I just rested. So you were in the institute.
Actually it is not that hot in the guesthouse. Just sometimes.
Thank you for the suggestion of going to the castle though, you really like the castle!

I think you are sending to the wrong email address. my address is:
I listened to your music, thank you. It was a bit different for me but it was nice.
Yes Chrysi found one lake in Unterschleissheim she said. But this week it will rain.

I tried to translate the text you wanted me to translate. It was hard. some of the words I had never heard.I attached it.

Take care and see you tomorrow.

Ghazal F.

A Castle at the Beach

Dear Ghazal,

I hope you had a nice day today. In case you want to go swimming, there are two lakes that are pretty clean. One is in Feldmoching, the other in Fasanerie. I also saw one on the map in Unterschleissheim, but don"t know it myself. According to the map, there should be a beach too.
I have something to do in the institute tomorrow. In case you still want to visit castle Oberschleissheim, it would be a pleasure for me to interrupt my work and meet you there.

It is probably quite hot in your appartment now. If you want, you might take one of the vents from the institute on Monday to the guesthouse.

Good night Michael

PS: I"m not sure, but I have probably sent some mails in the past to a wrong address at hotmail. Do you have a . in your hotmail address between first and family name ? It might be that some messages did not reach you, because my computer at home has problems with the .-key.

Take Care


Lars Gustafsson says "Long lives free Berlin"

Dear Ghazal,

I hope you have a nice weekend. Have you planned something ? In case you have a free minute, you might do me a little favor. There is an swedish writer, Lars Gustafsson, whom I like a lot and read everything available (some experts think, that he should be the next nobel prize winner for literature). He also has an Blog on the internet, that I found recently. Although he fluently writes english and german as well, most of his Blog articles are in swedish. There is one article, I would be interested to understand it, but it is swedish.
I vaguely understand the title that probably means "Long lives the free Berlin" (Gustafsson lived in Berlin for some years). The link to this Blog article is here .
For you it must be easy to read this article. I would be very pleased if you could tell me something like its essence. It does not need to be immediately, do it whenever you have nothing better to do (You see, I take it already for granted that there will be a moment at all when you have nothing better to do. It might be, that translating an article is the least you wanted to waste your time with).

In case you change your mind about the Greenday concert, just give me a call (0173-9009656). We will start our odyssee at about 6.30 or 7 p.m. tonight. But if you want to join later, I can always come back to pick you up.



Eternal Music

Hi Ghazal,

Did you enjoyed the music that I gave you ? I don"t know if it matches your taste. The "Friday Night in San Francisco" concert was recorded in 1983, and was very popular than and still is considered a mile-stone in popular music, although it is rarely played nowadays in radio. But I think when you were born, it was always on air. There is a theory saying that music, that was around during somebodies early childhood influences your taste for the rest of your life. Maybe you know that there is one hypothesis saying that even the unborn embryo in the mothers womb is already very much exposed to sounds coming from the outside, and that there is an unconscious memory to the music from this prenatal period of life. If this is true, than you might like this "Friday Night in San Francisco", assuming that your mom listened to it when she was pregnant with you.
The other two records are by singers that belong to two different generations. One made her big debute also about 25 years ago, the other is much younger (first appearance on stage in 2008). I would be very curious if you can tell who of the two (one is Asa and the other is Sade) is from the 20th century and who is from 21st. Of course you might click on their webpages (which are also stored on the CD) and look it up.

Yours Michael

PS: These hype around Football World-Championship is awful, don"t you think so ? How can get people so occupied by the question which nation kicks a ball more frequently. I have the battle for a ball every morning with my dog, but would not build my whole mental energy around this game.

Persian Blogosphere


I would highly appreciate if you would add my blog to your directory.
I called it "Letter to an Persian Cat"

If you will see, it is totally un-political, it has to do with cats (mainly as an aphorism), and I am not iranian nor had I ever the chance to visit your country. Why do I want you anyhow to add it to your list ?

It is the record of an utopia that I almost lost my mind in during summer 2010 (I guess many people in Iran also think of a free Iran, that is currently an utopia). It has to do with the encounter between me, a university teacher and scientist and a student, who was born in Sweden to Iranian parents. I have to admitt, that I feel a strong attraction to her, but try to keep it on an spiritual base (Ha ha, I can hear your laughter).
Any how, you might say it is a story of an unlucky love like there are millions elsewhere in the world. The reason, though, why this blog should be listed is the following: I know your struggle for freedom in Iran, and I very much feel with you. I remember I went through a quite similar time in 1988/1989 in east Germany / GDR. I was pretty much involved in the movement for liberalisation and against the oppression by the single ruling party and the secret service. Looking back from now to these two years, I have the feeling that they were a wasted time of my life: I don"t remember a single book that I red, no concert or theater I went to, no long friendship or love-affairs. These two years were completely devoted (and lost) to a political fight againts idiots like the police, secret service, party officials. I can tell you, I was happy when everything was over (although the new west-german rulers were also a shame) and I had time again and regained mental power for the real important things in live, for culture, music, love, philosophy, for my job as a scientist, and the possibility to reflect about us, the universe, and where we all came from and why we fall in love.
Political fight is sometimes unavoidable (like in Iran right now), but be carefull not to turn it into the most important purpose of your life.
After it will be over, and I hope of course with a new tolerant gouvernment, remember the old values of Persia: arts, poetry, music and science.
Than I"m absolutely positive your country will have a great future. And try to settle your controversy with Israel. If both of you find a peaceful relation, this will be a strong alliance, and nobody in middle-east will dare to fool you, not the US nor the arabs.

Good luck, Take Care

Yours "Radius of the Persian Cat"


Format of Live

Hi Ghazal, Yes you are absolutely right and I have to apologize for this.
But to be honest, I did it intentionally to provoke an reaction from you.
You remember, it already worked ones, when I started to call you Miss F. You then stoped right away calling me Dr. something.

Don"t worry, I don"t want to distract too much of your attention from the lab-work. I can imagine, its all quite new stuff. I just believe, that we are not just slaves of our work, but should try to stay human.

Take care, enjoy the evening Michael

on 09.06.2010 15:46, Ghazal F. wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thank you for all the primers! I will check more
> and try to do PCR next week or on friday.
> I think the last email you sent me was an SMS format???
> regards
> Ghazal F.
> on 09.06.2010 15:19, Michael R. wrote:
>> Sorry Ghazal, but I forgot to attache the list of the markers that I
>> mentioned. Here it comes.
>> Greetings Michael
>> PS: Please no answer in SMS format any more. There is an
>> e-mail filter in my computer, which considers every message
>> as spam if it is shorter than 30 words or 5 sentences and
>> if it doesn"t contain a personal phrase.

Driving north

Why was it so much easier to talk, when we were driving in my car north out of town. You seemed relaxed, your smile returned, it was a pleasure driving through the evening sun. For the first time since days you began to tell me something about you, something that was more than pure facts. I so much enjoy listening to your voice, it has a dazzlingly beautiful sound and if you laugh it is like the whisper of a small river running through a mountain plain.
How sad, that I was driving too fast, and that we arrived at your place already after 5 minutes. Is it possible that you lost your spontaneity as soon as I stoped the car and got my hands off the steering wheel ? If it is this what makes you nervous, then maybe we drive next time a bit further, maybe to Ikea where you can have swedish pizza with some extra mouse-sausage on top. I promise I leave my hands on the steering wheel, I would not need pizza in this moment, as long as you will be there to talk with.


Comment on Soft Claws

>>> On 08.06.2010 00:25, "radius of the persian cat" wrote :
>>> To read about the bizarre encounter between a european mouse and a persian cat, go to my Blog

>> On 08.06.2010 09:55, Gregory wrote:
>> Lovely, I would say. How you met her ? Does she uses her claws ?

Yes, I must assume she has claws, but rarely shows them. I think I just did not yet challenged her enough to use them. Probably she also has no experience how they can function a dangerous weapon. Like with a young kitten, the claws are still too soft, and she may have never caused any damaged using them (except when playing with a piece of soft fabrics).


Roots reach out for Water in Desert Land

I was naive enough to think, that my feelings for you, Ghazal, can be silenced just by a 5 days escape to Berlin. But all the impressions of this shining city, its laughter and attractions and its mind-blasting images crumbled into dust as soon as I was back and saw you again for a few seconds. How could I assume, that anything can outshine the attractions of your dark, cool hair and the magic shine of your eyes. There is a too strong force that keeps all my thoughts occupied with your image. There is now simple measure to domesticate this force, as I now understand, it can not be cheated with other impressions and it can not be stoped by rational arguments. What is the source of your power, Ghazal, are you a goddess, or do you use black magic ?

I tried to erase your image from my mind with impressions, that usually act strongly. I went to see Nefertiti in Berlins Old Museum, the egyptian queen that is still considered the most beautiful woman since 3500 years. But later I trapped myself in the act of trying to find in Nefertitis white colourless pupils a trace of the blue shine that always makes me breathless when I look into your eyes, Ghazal. Oddly enough, I first had to meet somebody as you to question that a bust without blue eyes under dark hair has any chance to be considered really beautiful.