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Signs on Grass

I first thought that these signs on the fields between Munich and our Lab were traces of the flying spaghetti monster. But they could also be clandestine messages by some omnipresent intelligent power from the 5th dimension. An almost unambigous evidence for the latter: When I drove by on my way home, my bike tyre went flat right at this place and I was forced to stop. So on this occasion, I captured the most weired of the Grass Signs and tried to interprete them: 

Dancing Fool

Cupid, lay down your bow ...

Modern Silkroad

On the Dancefloor

Stony Kiss

Troika Invasion

A huge step for the mankind

The "omnipresent intelligent creature" who draw these figures were in fact mice. And the lines are paths they used during the last 4 month under the snow. Now that winter is over, the snow cover is gone, and the mouse paths have no use any more.


Mysterious Moon

Ghazal Dear, I once went to Pompeji with somebody I was careless enough to fell in love with. We got lost there after sunset, when they closed the Pompeji necropolis for visitors. Walking around through the darkness we expected every second that a time leap might send us back to year 79 A.D., when the erupting Vesuv burried the town and all its people underneath. The red-orange background on the picture below is from a photo we did at this day, the mysterious moon in the foreground, however is from tonight. 


Intelligent Food Design

Hello Michael, So you think that posting photographs of food, half-eaten dishes from restaurants and so on blogs or FB (like I used to do) shows a lack of creativity, intellectual retardation and a developmental arrest at the oral stage ?  I have to admit, yes , I often post pictures of food to my PB pages, but usually they are either not yet touched (still in a perfect designed stage) or they are just decoration of a nice social company. You also had a recent picture with your colleagues in a restaurant, but this was either before you were served the food or you were there just drinking tea. 
I'd like to show you an example that pictures made during lunch not always have to do with a "..retardation at the oral developmental phase", but that they can also be the demonstration of a intellectual dispute. Today, for instance we had "baked Salmon with boiled potatoes and salad" for lunch in our institutes canteen. When I was about to dissect the fish on my plate I suddenly discovered that it did not contain any fish-bones !!!!  (see attached photo).

 In the concept of darwinian evolution, the appearance of the skeletton was a major leap. And as we all know, Fish were considered the first species belonging to the group of vertebrates.   
So how can it be that suddenly I catch an "invertebral salmon" on my plate ???  Could it be that this is a fake salmon, made by casting pangasius meat paste into a form that only looks
like a salmon ?

No, it is obvious, all vertrebrate fish are laboratory artifacts produced by pro-evolution scientist, whereas the one on my plate is a representative of natural fish.  Invertebrate Fish shows that darwinian evolution was never even a concept, but a product of a conspiracy.

Don't you think I'm right ?  
Take Care


Wireless Phone Charger

This is my alternative suggestion for a wireless phone charger, as recently announced by Nokia or by a blog post of Nargess. 
Jerusalem, Church of Sepulchre: For those who believe in it, this red stone plate on which Jesus was layed down after his death, can do miracles. I tested it with my mobile phone, and indeed it got fully recharged after placing it there for just one minute.

For more photos of a blasphemic journey through the holy land see here.