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Miscellaneous Points

Ghazal F wrote:
Hi Michael,

Why would anyone tell you these things. I mean you were not mean to me. you helped me alot, and I will never forget how much you helped me. The only thing that maybe was a bit hard was that you saw me more than a student and friend. So it was a bit hard for me to make you understand.. But you did not harm me in anyway.

from the weekend when you helped your friend moving, it was a nice guesture of you. I can only see that your family loves you and that they have missed you that day. maybe you could take them with you to help your friend. I dont think that you did anything wrong. you could be with them on the sunday. hope the silence was broken soon.

So you did not like stieg larsson. I liked it. not all movies are friendly and nice. some are brutal. well sweden was a very safe and good place. but it is just getting worse. the last non-safe news was the limit i think, the bomb that was exploded by a suicide bomber in stockholm, in the city.
hope everything is fine with you.



Ghazal my Dear,
1.  Stieg Larsson "Millenium"    vs.   Asghar Farhadi"s "Darbareye Ely"
Last Sunday the last serie of the Stig Larsson "Millenium-Trilogy" went on TV.
Naja, was again not my favorite.  I"m so happy to had the chance watching "Darbareye Ely", I much more could identify with the characters in this low-budget iranian movie, even so it was subtitled (Stig Larsson was dubbed, of course). I really would like to recommend you to watch "Ely". Maybe you also feel that she is a bid like you.

2.  Imbalanced Mood and Superstition
Today I.G.V. asked me why I am always in good mood, sometimes even euphoric. She found this unusual and suggested that I have not experienced any punishment for too long time (i.e. not having been verbally kicked-in-the-ass by somebody). This is in part true:
But I am also sometimes in bad mood (for instance if I don"t hear from you for too long time). But usually I avoid other people then, so nobody recognize it.
But her remark that I have not been punished by somebody for too long time is very close to what I also suspect. You remember, Ghazal I don"t believe in god at all, but what I perhaps never told you is my awful superstition. I"m always afraid of the bad destiny, that I do something wrong and than I fear punishment. And it was in particular when I reconsider my last year, when I (as you know better than anybody else) took from life what I liked. For about half a year I left my role of the daily treadmill, and challenged the destiny by spending every free minute with you (either physically or in imagination). I thought that nobody had the right to intervene with my craziness (except you, of course). O.k. I have to admit it was nice, like a wonderful gift that 80% I was grabbing with force and 20% you were given with generosity.
And because I had this extraordinary time last year (that I perhaps never deserved), I"m now afraid that this year I have to "pay back" for the happiness that I enjoyed. I"m afraid something dramatic will happen to me this year: maybe a bad accident, or stroke, or our house burns down or I will be put in prison for wrong allegations. Maybe this is why I try to be in good mood every day before this happens.

3.  Alireza from Toronto
Do you remember I once wrote you about the PhD Alireza from Toronto. We are still in contact, and we translated together some german Wikileaks documents about internal politics in Iran.
Alireza also likes skying like me, so I invited him to the Universities skying race next week here in Garmisch (I already did some training last Sunday, have a look here.  Now Alireza decided he would like to come to Munich as Postdoc (not to our institute, but to the Technical Universities sports science department, where he wish to work as a Bio-Mechanic).

4.  "Shy Guys" at the Bayerischer Hof Night Club
Yesterday night we went with 2 friends to the Bayerischer Hof nightclub. It was the most impressive band I have ever seen there. Three of the 5 musicians probably weighted together 500 kg (!!!!!), the two remaining ones 100 kg. But their music was phantastique.
Today in the office I was listening to the CD that you once gave me with persian music, and found that although the two music styles are quite dissimilar, they both bring the same kinds of neurons to respond: those for true soul music.

5.  Are they charge you for sending the E-mails ? Ghazal, I have to ask you a silly question:  there are so many things that differ between different countries. I always took it as granted that e-mails can be send free-of-charge. But is it possible that in Sweden you have to pay for it ?  I mean, since you are back home you send so rarely a mail. If you need stamps (you know these little colored pieces of paper one has to stick on letters and postcards), I can send you some.

I hope that you are alright, my Dear, and that you send some words.

Take Care

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