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Human Rights Award for Iranian Blogger

Shiva Nazar Ahari , iranian blogger and political activist, received the Theodor-Haecker-Award for her courageous fight for human rights in Iran. In her blogs Azad Zan and Committee of Human Rights Reporters Mrs. Ahari makes public the violence of the IRI authorities against the iranian people. From her own experiences, she describes the physical and mental oppression at Evin prison.

She was sentenced in September 2010 with the allegation of Mohareb and imprissoned again, but had to be released later after rising international protests. The award to Mrs. Ahari is named after Theodor Haecker, a german philosopher and writer who stood in opposition against the Nazi regime. Former recipients of the award are Kitwe Mulunda Guy (Kongo), Judith Galarza (Mexico), Eren Keskin (Turkey), Salima Ghezali (Algeria)and Jehan Sadat (Egypt).

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