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Her name is Penelope - She is a crazy horse !

Hi Ghazal Dear,
It was almost exactly a year ago that I wrote you this story about my nocturnal encounter with a young horse. It almost caused me crash with the car into the wall of the village cemetry. I always thought that the story that followed this accident somehow coined a special relationship between me and the horse. I observed her the whole last year through, since her owner is a friend of us and she lives with many other horses on a ranch just cross the road. Last month our friend and my family made a deal and they gave me the horse as a gift to my 50s birthday. So suddenly, I became the master of Penelope, who is a real beautiful, large mare of the breed of a Knappstrupper.
During the first month of our "partnership" Penny exhibit a strong own character, she permanently refused to be hold or guided around by me. All other horses on this ranch were absolutely confident, always curios and willing to walk and happy to ride. Only Peggy appeared resistant to training. I already became frustrated, when another rider advised be to be more insisting, and to combine some gifts (like carrots and dry bread) with a strong hand.
And suddenly, I think that we got a bit closer, and now Penny understoud that it is really nice not only to "hang around" the whole day on the green with other horses, but it is also fun to be ridden some time every day. Have a look, Ghazal, if the horse fits to the image you had last year when I told you the story. I hope that we make more progress, and that soon I can ride with Penny to the institute. You know how much the german politics now promotes renewable energy and alternative means of transport. What could be better than using more horse for our daily way to work ?

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