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Super-Cooled Persian Lady

Dear Ghazal, I always knew that Persian people can be pretty cool. But who could ever think they are that cool. Watching this news from Sweden I even got the impression that the Swedish spectators dressed in their fur coats and heavy snow-boots are more freezing than the Iranian lady jumping into the ice-whole. All I can say about her courage is "Marg Bar Dictator".


 Before you go and try to do the same exercise, please make sure there is a pre-warmed towel kept for you outside.


  1. Michael, I first thought this has to be a fake video. I simply cannot believe that the Swedish vikings had to wait for an Iranian Lady who shows them the "pleasure" of ice-swimming. But who knows, maybe it was a real event. Considering the strong personality of us Persian people, I could imagine that Mrs. Shamshakimi really tried to challenge the Swedes. In case I will try it, I will not only bring a pre-warmed towel with me, but make sure somebody with a decent camp-fire is around, like the one we had in Munich at the Isar river-banks.
    take care

  2. wow, to some pleasure may be pain to others. I tend to disagree with Ghazal on we (Persians/Iranians: to be politically correct) are not that strong but adaptable! I think that is human quality, in general. Having said that, this is quite common practice (jumping in deep freeing water, I believe in Russia and Canada or even in Tabriz, Iran it is practiced. If I am not mistaken, I think it is named polar bar swim in Canada! Thanks for sharing! Cheers,