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25.4.15 is down (or attacked)

Saturday, 25th of April 2015, 10 am CET:
since several hours all blogs hosted at are down.

For instance 

Andreas Moser's "Publish or Perish"

Golnoosh' "High on Words"

Radius'  "Broken Radius"

Banooye Sabz'  "Iranian Opposition Site"

and I guess a lot of others. I am curious to see if, who turned the original open-source and free Wordpress CMS into a money-making machine, have employed stuff who works on a Saturday to repair this technical problem. 
But the error message that is displayed when trying to open any of the above blogs looks suspicious. 

Maybe has been hacked.  Maybe some blog activists did not liked their business concept of exploiting a community open-source code for commercial purposes. I was also a bid disappointed to see, that in order to keep my hosted site ( free from banner adverts, they want to charge me 99 $ per year.  Is is a ridiculous price for some Mb of server space.
So for today, I hope people have a backup blog server such as blogspot. But for the longterm, I wish that is warned that users are not completely passive when it comes to refuse and fight money-making offers of web hosters.

It appeared that not only the customers blogs hosted by are unaccessible, but own homepage as well.


  1. I can actually access Wordpress.

    Are you in China behind their Great Internet Firewall, by any chance?

  2. Hi Andreas, now it is working again. It might have been a local problem with a security certificate that was outdated. Do you pay for your blog at ?