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The Universe according to Fatemeh with Zodiacs of International Cinema

The International Movie Festval in Cannes had just announced the winners of the Golden Palm Award. Some are questionable (like Ken Loach for I, Daniel Blake), some are missing (like Maren Ades Toni Erdmann), and some are well chosen (like Asghar Farhadi for The Salesman featuring Shahab Hosseini).
It seems that the Jury in Cannes is more concerned with honouring the usual suspects rather than identifying novel talents. One of them, I hope, is Fatemeh E., who is currently studying cinematography in Iran. The apple she holds in her hands carries new zodiacs of famous movies of the past. 
The apples skin is boundless, but finite, like the universe. And it has the red appearance of all very-far objects, the wavelength of which become longer due to the universe expansion (red-shift)


  1. Dear Michael, I only know its wonderful! I laughed when I saw it. It was very interesting. You've chosen many fun options for that. Real and surreal films besides each other. just like what happening in my own life :))You are really give me great hope for my path Michael. You're my shining star in the dark night.

  2. Dear Fatemeh, you might have recognized that there are still plenty of “unnamed” stars on this apple. They are waiting to form a new zodiac for the first of your movies.