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Could you please give me a gentle kick-in-the-ass, s.v.p. ?!?!

I am quite good in advising others how to get things started, how to overcome procrastination. 

  • "Every long journey just starts with a first step forward"  
  •  If too many tasks pile up on your desk, prioritize them. Make a rank list with urgencies and importances of each task. Than start with the task that has the highest product of "Importance x Urgency"
  • Skip all the sweet little things that easily distract you and keep you busy the whole day long.   
Did I forgot something ? I am open for more good advises. Meanwhile, piles of papers and electronic files containing the results from several master and PhD projects from my lab are accumulating on my desk and on my computer. They would be sufficient to write at least 7 good papers for cancer biology and stem cell journals. 
I think I need someone who gives me a gentle kick-in-the-ass to start with the work. For the radiation-associated AML and Flt3 manuscript there is even a deadline by the International Journal of Molecular Science.
I should feel ashamed of letting them wait for too long time already.

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