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The gels you left behind are still useable

Dear Ghazal,
It is a rainy Friday today (the americans would say its a "vanilla sky").
I hope you are o.k., hope my last e-mail was not too frustrating. As I told you, there are still plenty of things in the world that are amazing. For instance this one: I tried to detect a new Rb1 promotor variation today, and because I was too lazy to make a new gel, I went through the fridge were we all store our agarose gels.
And guess what I found there: several plastic bags with gels, and written on them with your nice handwriting "Ghazal, 2.5% agarose +EtBr, 12-06-2010".

Since I remember you were always working with highest quality, I thought I give it a trial and run my PCR samples on it. And if you believe it or not, but the gels still work perfectly. The only trouble is, that I could detect the Rb1 promoter only from human cell lines (MCF7). Most frightening, that DNA from myself does not contain Rb1 signal. Now I have to worry whether I am mutant (like X-men).

So you see there is always a bid to worry, even if something amazing is happening. But what made me really sad was to see that you left behind these gels, but did not stayed here yourself.

Thank you anyhow, Ghazal. In case I can do something for you in compensation for the gel: let me know.
enjoy the weekend, and write something.

Take Care, Michael

PS: I forgot what was this special chocolate waffles you liked so much ? Was it "Knoppers" or was it "Hanuta" ? Since I am not going to the Warsaw meeting I"d like to send you some - not only to say thank-you for the gel, but also to honour your achivements with the conference price that you were awarded.

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