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Persides Stjaernfall night at Black Sea

Dear Asal,

We are in Bulgaria for three weeks, including 10 days at the Black Sea.
It is really nice here, I'm sure you would like it as well. It is really relaxing,and one does not has to worry about money. This afternoon I sit here at the hotel terrace and for 3 Euro got a perfect Cappucino, a Mojito and an Icecream. A little cat is playing like mad with a piece of tissue paper. The weather is warm, but not too hot. I think you would call it "Calm", and it is exactly what I needed so much after a very exhausting time at the institute.  Here I can lay back, read books, write something, talk to the people and compensate at least a little bit my usual deficites in spending time with my family. The Hotel we live in is very nice, it is not luxury, but full of paitings and sculptures and creative people from eastern european countries. The years before, there were always many english, german and skandinavian tourists, which were very noise and a bit annoying. This year they did not come any more, thanks god.

I dont know if you have noticed it: tonight was the rare occasion again towatch for the falling stars (aka  meteors or stjaernfallen), called the perseids. And as the mythology goes, if you can spot one, you can express a wish. 
The Persides meteor shower this year had to compete with the bright light from the full moon. Last year at the same time, we were observing it in the park behind the guesthouse, it was unforgetable.

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