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Allert: Attempted Misuse of the Reputation of Science to whitewash Criminal Activities

Recently, the decade long abuse of young boys in schools and shelters of the catholic church in Germany was made public. These acts of sexual harassment and mental rape appeared to be a common practice in many institutions, where catholic priests had been given the right to “teach” or “supervise” children and adolescents. The higher church authorities up to Roman Curia had only one concern: to hide these practices from the public, therefore indirectly supporting the abusive priests over decades. When many of these activities were made public in 2010 and 2011, the judges decided that because of the long time passed away, most of the cases could not been sentenced any more. Following a public outcry and anger that let many people to leave their parishes, the Germany episcopal conference decided to install a council to evaluate the extend and circumstances of the sexual abuses under their roofs. The whole extent of these abuses are now described in a report, which is trivialized as a SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION. This reminds me of reports about planed animal experiments. 

Since 1986 whale hunting is banned by an international memorandum. But Island, Norway, South Korea and Japan successfully lobbied to the United Nations and were granted an exclusive status as SCIENTIFIC whale hunters. In total, several thousands of Mink, Fin and Humbpack whales are killed every year and declared a CONTRIBUTION TO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.

Iran is setting up all necessary compounds for high-level Uranium enrichement and nuclear fission reactors. It is obvious, they have sufficient other energy ressources, and it is not difficult to imagine that their real intention is to build a nuclear bomb. But at least this lesson they already learned from the politicians in the West: The easiest thing to fool the publicity about your real bad intentions is to simply brand it as PURE SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES. Therefore, the Iranian mullah regime insist that these nuclear activities are only SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS. 

During the nazi-dictatorship in Germany, millions of Jews and Gypsies were murdered in concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Meydanek, Sobibor. In some of these places, doctors performed abusive medical experiments on the people before referring them to the gas chambers. Later on, they claimed to have done nothing but SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS on their victims, intended for the progress of MEDICAL RESEARCH. 

It is easy to misuse the historically high reputation of science for malevolent activities. But once this high reputation is lost, it will be almost impossible to re-establish it.

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