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Indoctrination: FB "presents" its new style

What I am doing right now ???? The most stupid question Facebook came up with, because each time I open Facebook I am pissed off by their arrogant attempt to interfere with my life. So although I am a quite happy and relaxed and positive person, each time I read the Facebook inquiry "What are you doing right now" I have to admit: "This very moment, I am once again pissed off by Facebook". The latest rediculous move by FB: They let me know that they have just changed the design of my FB page. Very much reminds me of the announcement of the alien superpower in "Hitchhikers guide through the Universe" saying: We have decided to build a galactic superhighway through your solar system. For this reason the planet earth will be destroyed by tomorrow. What the hack these stupid FB managers think they are ? Just because they conquered a lot of webspace and attracted half the mankind (must have been the stupid half of it) to register for FB accounts, only to get completely addicted to meaningless text messages from so-called friends, this FB octopus dares to INFORM ME (!!!!!!) that they are going to change the design. They perhaps think they can keep half of mankind in a pre-embryonal state of mental development. Where are you, hackers, when we need you ?? When will you change the FB design into something really cool and groundbreaking, with smoke and guns and skulls giving some spice to this boring FB menues, and when will you turn this boring faint blue into a million of colours like at Woodstock, and add some annimation, please, like jumping logos, exploding icons, characters that dance around like in a tornado, and clocks that rotate counter-clockwise.


  1. I also hate it when homepages, that worked really well before, suddenly get changed one day. I think you would enjoy the South Park episode "You have 0 Friends." Season 14 episode 4. It's a nice jab at Facebook.

  2. Dear Just-a-Peasant, I watched the Southpark episode on youtube, and enjoyed it a lot, also because it was just in a line-drawing style, not the ususal bright colours of other cartoon movies. It seems the artist has a deep understanding of all the psychological consequences of FB usage.
    It is really a shame how the fine art of communication to exchange ideas becomes gradually replaced by responding in six-word-sentences or simply clicking buttons.
    Too bad that the majority of their users still consider FB as generously offering them a unique service, so they are willing to accept any rediculous interference with their privacy. FB is really the end of all individualism. Although I am not a big design fanatic, usually considering the content of any media more important than its form, I think the uniformity of FB is a direct treat to any creativity. People somehow should learn sometime, that they don't depend on FB, but that FB depends on them. Without the users providing content day in day out, FB would be a complete empty pale-blue webpage, just hosting some of the most boring ads.
    If Levi's, a well established company of a similar brand colour, would be run by FB management, they would perhaps immediately announce that the production of all old jeans styles (in particular 501) will be discontinued and from tomorrow on everybody has to wear the carrot-style and next year the low-rider-style.
    Thanks good FB has no monopoly, and for individualists there are still blog provider.

    All the best