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Signs on Grass

I first thought that these signs on the fields between Munich and our Lab were traces of the flying spaghetti monster. But they could also be clandestine messages by some omnipresent intelligent power from the 5th dimension. An almost unambigous evidence for the latter: When I drove by on my way home, my bike tyre went flat right at this place and I was forced to stop. So on this occasion, I captured the most weired of the Grass Signs and tried to interprete them: 

Dancing Fool

Cupid, lay down your bow ...

Modern Silkroad

On the Dancefloor

Stony Kiss

Troika Invasion

A huge step for the mankind

The "omnipresent intelligent creature" who draw these figures were in fact mice. And the lines are paths they used during the last 4 month under the snow. Now that winter is over, the snow cover is gone, and the mouse paths have no use any more.


  1. Ahhhh - very nice indeed! As well as interesting. My- but isn't there an interesting ecosystem beneath the snow cover during the winter?

  2. Yes, it is really amazing that within relatively short time, from January till mid April mice almost buildt a network of roads under the snow. And what is left over are only cryptic patterns, now without any obvious function. I guess there are many things in nature like vestigial structures in an organisms. And one can only understand their function by turning the time backwards.