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Acid Jazz, Acid Rock, Acid Stem Cells

Organic health afficionados and alternative healing proponents of all "schools" have one thing they can all agree: an acidic body status is evil, and we should regularily neutralize our organism to gain eternal health, beauty, happiness and prosperity. Unfortunately, this might suddenly all require a complete reconsideration, now that Japanese stem-cell researchers from the highly reputated RIKEN center found out that an acidic treatment can rejuvenate aging cells into pluripotent stem cells. If this can be reproduced in independent studies and in human tissue, it will revolutionarize cell-based therapy for virtually everybody. The dream to replace aging or degenerated organs and tissues with individually designed spare-parts (made out of patients own stem-cells) could soon become reality. In their original paper in NATURE the RIKEN group concluded that "This study has revealed that somatic cells latently possess a surprising plasticity. This dynamic plasticity—the ability to become pluripotent cells—emerges when cells are transiently exposed to strong stimuli that they would not normally experience in their living environments." In an OpEd for the BBC, Chris Mason, professor of regenerative medicine at UCL london said "If this works in people as well as it does in mice, it looks faster, cheaper and possibly safer than other cell reprogramming technologies - personalised reprogrammed cell therapies may now be viable."

I am now asking myself if I should try right away a whole body shower in vinegar or ascorbic acid, to induce as many as possible stem cells in my body right away, or better wait for the first animal experiments which show acid related rejunevation ?  At a first step, at least I will stop following this anti-acidity diet recommendations by the organic food and alternative medicine groups. And I will drink a sour Martini and listen to some Acid Jazz tonight. 


  1. and have some lavashak (the Iranian sour fruit leather)

  2. hello me, what I read about lavashak sounds very delicious. But so difficult to prepare. And where to get the plums from, now in winter time ? I have to ask Omid or Ninelia, my colleagues, maybe they have some readymade.
    The Irian officials claim that their scientists are leading in stem cell research. Do you think it could be due to extensive usage of lavashak ?
    regards, michael