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Noahs Space Ark

Recently, a fellow blogger wrote about the panic she saw in her kids eyes when she told them the story of the great deluge and Noahs ark. This is what I recommended her to put this old-testamentarian catastrophy in the right context:

1.)  the world is no Disney Land. Natural catastrophies were always and will always be a part of real nature.
2.) The great deluge was first mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh. Thanks to the old (jewish) Testament, a rescue option was added with Noahs arki (a happy end, as you like).
3.) Marine archeologists Pitman and Ryan have collected good evidence that the real ancient deluge happended on the shores of the Black Sea about 7.600 years ago.
4.) A real horrible information (please don't forward to your kids) for a definite catastrophy to come, even though after a much longer time from now:  that the sun will finally eat up our beauitiful planet earth (in about a billion years). I hope, mankind managed till then to build a space ship larger than Noahs ark.

good luck till then, and enjoy every day left

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