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Emergency Eclipse Glasses

In 2 hours time, at about 10:30 am CET, a partial solar eclipse will happen, and as we all know:  Protection is the theme of the day. But as usually, one uses to procrastinate the proper preparation until the last moment before the climax.
Therefore, I present here an instruction for all late-commers, of how to prepare eclipse glasses from very common household material. 


1)  And since protection is the theme of the day, it is completely natural to start with the most popular protection item in the world:  A pack of fresh preservatives.

 2)  What we need for now, for the eclipse, is in fact only the silver foil envelope, in which each individual condom is sealed in. Open it carefully, with a sharp scissors, DON'T tear it open with brute force as you usually do. Keep calm, this morning we still have an hour time left before the climax. And the climax of todays solar eclipse will last for a 40 minutes.   No need to rush it up !
Once you have carefully separated the silver envelope from the condom, you can keep the latter for later use (i.e. after sunset).

3) No open the silver envelope completely, with a sharp scissors or razor blade, again making shure not to damage the foil.
4)  You also need a pair of glasses. You can take virtually everything, from normal optical spectacles, or sun glasses, or as I did here a pair of workplace protection glasses as can be found in every DIY shop.
5) With the help of some stripes black scotch tape, mount the silver foils nicely on the outside of the glasses, making sure they cover most of the central area.

6)  What else shall I say:  They do their job perfectly, since the condoms silver envelopes block about 95% of the sun-light.

And of course they look pretty cool.

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