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Mona Lisa - I can't share the hype

Since centuries there is this hype around Leonardos "Mona Lisa". I always have problems understanding this.  I like the fact that she has dark hair, whereas in the 15th century renaissance era, woman where usually painted blond: Maries blond hair was a sort of synonym for the immaculate conception, and hence it became a standard of beauty on most womans portraits over the times.
Da Vinci did his best to show that dark hair can decorate a beautiful face equally well.
But what I will never forgive old Leonardo:  that he forgot to give his Mona Lisa proper eye brows. Was he short of time, or did not had a decent brush with sufficient fine line ? How can one draw a beautiful face without eye brows ?  If I would ever have the chance to spend a "night a the louvre museum", I knew where to go and how to do some improvements on Mona Lisa's portrait.  It is good to know that it is behind a glass plate. I think a black Edding works better on glass than on oil painting. 
Leonardo's Mona Lisa (improved version)

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