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Lung cancer vaccine and cigars: hot export from Cuba

Have you ever been upset by Amazon product suggestions like "Customers who bought this bicycle padlock also bought E.L.James' erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey" ? For sure, they usually make little if any sense.
But here comes something really meaningful: From Cuba, the land that always produced the best quality cigars (Montechristo, Rey del Mundo or the most famous and Hemingways all-time favorit: the mighty Cohibar) can offer its customers now in a bundle with a 10% discount: the first efficient vaccine against advanced lung cancer. The tiny socialist island, suffering for more than 50 years under US political and trade sanctions, is not only a great exporter of cane suggar, excellent rum, amazing music, but without much attention from the international scientific community always did excellent research in immunology. Apart from a better understanding of the role of the immune systems signaling molecules such as interferons and interleukins, the Cuban biologists and medical doctors also contribute to the development of innovative, targetted immunological weapons to fight cancer. Now they were successful of introducing the first recombinant vacine to treat advanced lung cancer, a tumor type that is approximately 8 times more frequent in smokers.

 A cool offer would be: custers who have bought 100 boxes of Cuban cigars within 10 years will get a gratis course of lung cancer vaccine treatment.

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