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Courage and Cowardice

This is why the Munich Literature Festival shows more courage than the senile and fearful beaurocrats at the Stockholm Nobel committee when it comes to honour important autors .
In Munich you can meet during one week

Bildergebnis für salman rushdie
Salman Rushdie  (India / UK)

Amir Hassan Cheheltan (Iran)
Zeruya Shalev (Israel)

The Stockholm beaurocrats are the greatest cowards. They are afraid to honour those writers who are brave enough not to hide a clear message, but instead award authors of questionable literature quality and of political mediocracy.
Who ever likes Rushdie, Zeruya Shalev, Joseph Roth, Amoz Oz or Lars Gustafsson:  Don't expect the Stockholm Nobel Committee beaurocrats to have the balls to award them the prize that they deserve.

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