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On the uselessness of prayers (Notre Dame burning down)

Since 5 hours now, a huge fire gormandizes its way through the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. And with each more wing of the building the fire engulfes, the more it gets hungry for more food.

An unsatiable fire gorges through Notre Dame

And also since 5 hours, thousands, meanwhile millions of faithful people in Paris and all over the world are praying in public to make the fire stop. 

And these prayers are doing absolutely nothing.
What a sad occasion to think about the uselessness of religious faith. 
I deeply regret the loss of many masterpieces of human craftswork and creativity that where lost by this fire. But I have little sympathy for the millions of mourning catholics today. They neither expressed any sympathy for the thousands of "heretics" who were burned alife over the centuries.

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