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Defending Blasphemy

 Yesterday, the French President Emmanuel Macron issued a clear and courageous statement for the freedom of thought and freedom of speech. He said

“In France there is a freedom to blasphemy which is attached to freedom of conscience, so from where I am I am there to protect all these freedoms, so I do not have to qualify the choice of journalists. can criticize a president, rulers, blaspheme, “. 

This was part of an interview he gave on the occasion of the opening of the court against the "Charly Hebdo" murderers and their support.

Also, Macron defended the right of blasphemy in view of islamic threads to a teenage girl, after she published an expletive-laden Instagram rant against Islam, saying blasphemy is "no crime".

Macron stressed that the right to blasphemy was enshrined in the French constitution.

I'd wish that more leaders of the free world would show this courage and stand against religious intollerance and indoctrination. The EU should make clear that this is part of the European values.


  1. Indeed. It would be nice to get rid of § 166 StGB.

  2. I am wondering how many people would support such an initiative by ?