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Ascending Moon above Munich Skyline

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,
Hope you are doing well with everything, with your PhD project and the project of your life (the later I always consider much more important, of course). Did you celebrate 8th of march in Sweden, the international womans day ? It is supposed to be to honour all working woman, therefore you deserve some congratulations as well.

I did a photo of the ascending moon above the Munich skyline. Don"t break out in laughter, please, but we have the TV olympic tower (the two red lights on the button right), that could be considered a bit of a skyline.

Du you remember we went up the Olympic tower last year in summer, after we bought the persian carpet. I than hoped very much they will close the tower behind us, while we were on the platform in 200 m height, and we would have to stay there the whole night through.
But I guess you would have been very much scared, wouldn"t you ?

What else ? B. got serious ill, had to stay at home for a week. I. is also at home, cause her boyfriend is there and they went to the mountains. O. is busy with the red-fluorescent cells. Mike and me try to entertain the students. I"m always sad that somebody like you will never be there again.
Take Care


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