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Happy Birthday, Ghazal !

Whatever you were dreaming of, my Dear, I wish you will get today.
And all the things that you are still waiting for, they might come later but still on time. The few ones that will never come were probably not important at all.
Make the best out of everything that you already got, Ghazal, it is so much and it is precious.

I wish you good luck with everything.
I hope that life provides you the same 
amount of inspiration that you gave to me.


Hello Michael!!

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and the nice music! You are very talented, I liked the music.
I really hope everything is fine with you. I saw M. in Stockholm, he told me you are fine and that you are trying to publish. Good luck with that.

Wish you all the best.

Take care



Dear Ghazal,
It was so nice reading your messsage. I hope you had a wonderful birthday party and got all the flowers and beautiful presents that you liked and lovely guests.
Thank you so much, Asal, for your encouraging words about the guitar music. I"m not sure, if you really liked it or you just tried to say something nice. But in any case, your comment made me very happy.
Take Care, Michael

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