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Deja vu

I'm wondering how everything would change, if I could really see you every day, like it was two years ago. If we could go out for a walk through Pompej every night, Or sit next to each other in every new movie that comes to the cinema. If we could climb up to the TV tower not only once, but do it every sunny day, and watch the crazy world beneath our feets. Would you still like the black bracelet, if we would go to the little jewelery store in Vietri once every week ? And would the bone-fire on the riverbank still warm our skin and my soul, if we would have it every fullmoon night, and not only once in August 2010 ? And if IKEA would see us as frequent customers, not just once as passers by, would I still be this attentive student of the Swedish language there ? And if we would drive to Carefours supermarket every day after sunset, would the elder Italian lady behind the counter ask us again and again, what we have to do with each other, this enchanting young girl and the elder man? This meteor that stood still for 3 seconds when we saw it, it would not follow the same track again, even if we would go out to observe the Perseides each year. The magic of the moments wont come again, even if we try to repeat the same set-up, hoping that we will experience again what was wunderful before, we will find that the world cannot be copied and pasted. The moments with you that turned my life into a rush, and filled the air with the scent of eternity, wont come again. But there will be countless more occasions filled with magic and excitement. But because these moments will be rare, my Dear, painfully separated by long periods of separation, they will always give us this sensation of a never before and never again.

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