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Pompeji - You only live twice

Hi Michael, Our walk through the ruins of Pompej during the Vietri-sul-Mare meeting, that finally had us loosing our way at night, and "being rescued" by this old Italian gentleman who gave us this very special guided tour with a torch-lamp, let me speculate if this glamourous roman population that lived there untill the year 79 ever had a second life after they all died and their house were buried in lava and ashes from the Vesuv volcano.

I found this video from the James Bond 007 film "You Only Live Twice", and therein are scenes showing the flood of lava. Maybe we, two visitors of the 21st century on their lonely walk through Pompeji, exactly 1933 years after the big catastrophy, were reincarnations of two of the victims of the eruption.

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  1. Ghazal dear, I just red that the teenage slang phrase of the year is YOLO, what stands for "You Only Live Once" (
    Living only once might be true for a chicken before it is brought to the kitchen to finish its life in the casserole. But for us, there are always new chances. Who was it to say "It's never too late to become what you are supposed to be" ?