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Japan - Between Shinto and Techno


  1. Wow - it looks like you got a lot done while you were there. You visited more landmarks than I ever saw. LOL. Cool. I hope you liked it.

  2. Dear Just-a-Peasant, I am not a very skilled photographer, but I think because you have this special relationship to Japan, the pictures touch a cord in you. Japan is such an exciting country for a foreigner, but at the same time really convenient to travel through. It is the perfect mixture of the wish to make everything perfect and sophisticated and a very frisky, introvert, individual asthetic spirit. I don't know how it is there to live, but for guests it is such a friendly, interesting and tolerant society.
    best regards

  3. Hi Michael,
    Nice photos. My brother in law just recently came back from a trip to Japan and I was amazed with Japanese culture, obsession with cuteness , mechanized washroom, and of course beautiful Geisha ;