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Quantum Mechanics according to Fatemeh

It is well known in quantum mechanics that from a pure vacuum state discrete points of pairwise existing particles-antiparticles can arise by shear fluctuations of the zero energy. But as measured on the macroscopic time scale, these particle pairs have a relatively short existence: only a few Nanoseconds. But who knows maybe in their own time scale these nanoseconds have the duration of an entire life. Whereas these particle-antiparticle pairs arise "out of the blue", seemingly from nowhere, when they disappear by anihilation they emit a defined amount of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
These vacuum fluctuations of particles and energy are believed to be the reason for dark matter and dark energy, two essential components to hold together the inflating universe.
Because of their opposite charge and the very short distance between them, the particle-antiparticle pairs exert an intense interaction (best studied in the case of electron-positron pairs).

Mrs. Fatemeh now gave rise to the hypothesis that a pair of a man and woman can also arise from virtually nowhere, out of the blue, to develop a strong intellectual and emotional interaction, a force that suggests a very small distance between the two. In her blog Mrs Fatemeh cited a short poem by Emily Dickinson as the inspiration for her new model:

     I'm nobody! 
     Who are you?
     Are you nobody, too? 
     Then there's a pair of us — don't tell!
     They'd banish us, you know. 
     How dreary to be somebody! 
     How public, like a frog 
     To tell your name the livelong day To an admiring bog! 

What is unique in Mrs. Fatemehs model and distinguishes it from the well accepted vaccum fluctuations of quantum particles is that the small distance between the two partners (responsible for the strong exchange force between the two) is not related to the ordinary spatial distance (as measured in terms of nanometers or thousands of kilometers). The two interacting partners can be quite far apart, thousands of kilometers in our 3 dimensional world, in different countries or continents. But in a yet to be proven 4th dimension, lets call it the dream scale because it is usually hidden from us, the two can be extremely close together, like entangled particles. 
And she proposes, that when they disappear like the electron-positron pair in vaccum fluctuations disappeares, it is only a collapse of the 3 ordinary dimensions, but the 4th dimension remains intact and the two will always stay bound together.       


  1. I almost cried after reading this.I knew it was going to be a very special experience.It's so hard to explain ... Anyway, such a great post. Thanks a lot.

  2. Dear Fatemeh, I'm sure I would have no chance to pass the physics exam with this analogy any more. And yes, I know, the model still lacks the correct equations. But as a first rudimental approach, it might serve for further consideration and debate.
    So happy to see we share a similar sense of humor.
    How is the air tonight in Tehran ? Is it different, now that spring started ? Or does it smell of smoke, from the Norouz bonefires and the fireworks ?
    I hope you are well, and your spirits free, and you feel strong to manage everything,

  3. Dear Michael,Your field of study is so hard and its really hard to understand for me :D OMG! why quantum physics is so hard to understand :D You are very clever!

    The air is great here in Tehran.Sunny,Refreshingly, Clear,Cool, Chilly! Actually I love it! How's the weather in your hometown?
    Thanks a lot for this great things you wished for me. I wish you all the best in your life :*

    1. Dear Fatemeh, I wished I would have been better in quantum mechanics. I was fascinated by it while studying physics, but never commited enough to become really good. But isn't it that you love most and persistently, what you don't fully understand ? If you fully understand something or somebody, the love weakens.
      We adore, what seems unattainable. Somewhere in your blog you wrote that a friend is somebody who fully understands you, and still can love you. I doubt that this can work for a long time. If somebody fully understoud you, his love might got exhausted. The confidence that there still remains something mysterious in another person is a strong force for real love. I think thats why psychologists are notorious for not having long lasting relationships themself, because for them any other person is instantly analyzed and categorized, whether it is a patient or a lover.