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The mouse adores the persian cat

Ghazal, you are to much a goddess to be conquered by a ordinary guy like your boy-friend, who is doing body-building and dreams of a life as manager. You should not be touched by a human beeing, and I would never consider touching you. I might touch you with my eyes, but only to adore you. Your magic stays in an immaterial sphere. I do not know how much of this magic is just a projection of hidden dreams, that by chance were caught by a student sitting in the first row with an expression on her face, as if the blue colour of your eyes merely reflected your thinking about the moon and the blue, blue sea. What would have happend, if I would have given you a slight kick with the finger, just as to wake somebody up who had fallen asleep? Would you come back to this world with your dreams burst into pieces of coloured glass ? (26-05-2010)

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