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An old mouse feels spell-bound by a young kitten

Ghazal, you are too young to understand what I feel. When I was your age, love was a game, you could play it like a chess or batminton, with every defeat making you laugh and prompting you to try some new strategy or a new challenge. Now, when I am 49, it is quite different, since I realize that you are unique among all other 3.6 billion girls and woman in the world. There is only one 25 year old girl Ghazal in the entire universe (a girl that grew into a goddess since I saw you 21 years ago on the arms of your parents in the Berlin-Lichtenberg Bistro), a girl that leaves me spell-bound and controlls all my thoughts and emotions. The degree of devotion that your presence is doing to me is toxic. All my mental energy is completely reprogramed, as if I am possesed by an love angel. Rationally, I know that to a large degree this is just a mind-game, just as Lewis Carolls "Alice in Wonderland" guided him into a world that was beyond the legal restrictions, the laws and moral implications of society and family. Just as him, I feel that there is now other religion, no other ethernal meaning in live than the love between a man and a girl. (25-05-2010)

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  1. Do you mean Alice on Wunderland who made the red queen look mad ?