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Persian Prince and an Orchid

Dear Ghazal,

Hope you have a nice evening. Sorry for bothering you, there is
something I"d like to hear your opinion about. Today I saw an advert for a movie called "Prince of Persia" (You can see a trailer right away on the youtube wellcome-page). What I saw there reminds me a bit of bad hollywood blood-and-battle films. Have you an idea if the movie is worth viewing ? Maybe there is already some discussion about its value going on in the iranian community, which of course I can"t follow. Maybe you heard something.

waiting to see you tomorrow

PS: I asked today in the flower shop about what the orchids like and what they dislike. They need about 50ml water per week, they don"t like heavy sun, and they don"t like to be carried around. I also heard from a good friend who is an orchid breeder himself, that they stay longer in full blossoms if somebody speaks to them with a warm, dark voice. I"m absolutely sure that they will have all of this in your appartment.

Michael (20-05-2010)

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