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Lars Gustafsson says "Long lives free Berlin"

Dear Ghazal,

I hope you have a nice weekend. Have you planned something ? In case you have a free minute, you might do me a little favor. There is an swedish writer, Lars Gustafsson, whom I like a lot and read everything available (some experts think, that he should be the next nobel prize winner for literature). He also has an Blog on the internet, that I found recently. Although he fluently writes english and german as well, most of his Blog articles are in swedish. There is one article, I would be interested to understand it, but it is swedish.
I vaguely understand the title that probably means "Long lives the free Berlin" (Gustafsson lived in Berlin for some years). The link to this Blog article is here .
For you it must be easy to read this article. I would be very pleased if you could tell me something like its essence. It does not need to be immediately, do it whenever you have nothing better to do (You see, I take it already for granted that there will be a moment at all when you have nothing better to do. It might be, that translating an article is the least you wanted to waste your time with).

In case you change your mind about the Greenday concert, just give me a call (0173-9009656). We will start our odyssee at about 6.30 or 7 p.m. tonight. But if you want to join later, I can always come back to pick you up.


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