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Books and Food

Dear Ghazal,

It would be a blunt lie to say that I only write you now to check if my computer finally understands that there is a difference between an _ and an . in your mail address.
I checked today which e-mails were sent to this wrong address over the last weeks, and these were probably about 10. If I put them all together, they read like a diary.
I want to thank you once again for translating this difficult article by Gustafsson. If I would not know all the places that he describes, I would probably consider the text hard to understand same as you did.
I am a bit afraid that you are now a bit discouraged from reading more by this excellent author. But you should try. I remember the first book that I got from him was "The Tennisplayer", I red it in the 80s while studying. It is a very entertaining story about the life at an american university. I found it in a bookshop in a small village, because books from western authors were always sold-out in big cities.
Ghazal, did you really said today that you don"t read books ? This cannot be, sorry, I don"t believe you. You are much to smart, and I"m sure that your parents consider books very important. Ancient Persia was a centre of knowledge written down in books and stored in libraries, and this was for two reasons: to warship the beauty of life, nature and man (in poetry) and to improve human knowledge (in scientific, medical and philosophic books). This was all done in Persia at a time, when in europe only dogmatism and religious intollerance was ruling the spiritual life. Ghazal, I"m really not trying to cheer you, but without the books that were kept in the libraries in Damaskus, Bagdad or Isfahan, we would lack a lot of our current knowledge.
Do you already have your ticket to Sweden ? I guess you are leaving on Friday, right ? I got the impression, that you go home quite regular every 3 weeks. Don"t tell me that you have to go because all your food has finished, therefore you have to visit your mom to get a fresh supply. Your poor parents might think that life in Germany is so dreadful and you suffer from malnutrition. I"d like to drive you to the IKEA pizza-corner before you go to Sweden, so at least you can tell everybody that pizzas are quite the same here and there. Whats about tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday ?

I hope you don"t find my messages somehow annoying. I don"t want to interfere with your life if you think I should not. I only want to entertain you, hoping that some of my stories are so silly that they make you laugh. If this happens, I would be completely satisfied.

Good Night Michael

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