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Books ripped to Pieces by Cats Claws

Ghazal, my dear,

What can I say ? Fur sure you defend your position with great verve, of course you have your experience with books, I have mine. For sure, we probably read different sorts of books. Strange enough, if I would read once again the type of books that I liked when I was in your age, I probably would be bored in a similar way you are.
Sometimes I get books as a present that are so bad that I burn them in an open fire. But with other books I could completely forget time and place and escape into another world. Once beeing back from there, I may see the real world with different eyes.

Your last e-mail reminded me of a cat, that everybody only knows for its lovely purring voice. And suddenly, this cat stands up, starts hissing and shows it claws. At the end, it is not the purring cat that earns our respekt, but the one who can defend its position. Well done.

Good night


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