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A Castle at the Beach

Dear Ghazal,

I hope you had a nice day today. In case you want to go swimming, there are two lakes that are pretty clean. One is in Feldmoching, the other in Fasanerie. I also saw one on the map in Unterschleissheim, but don"t know it myself. According to the map, there should be a beach too.
I have something to do in the institute tomorrow. In case you still want to visit castle Oberschleissheim, it would be a pleasure for me to interrupt my work and meet you there.

It is probably quite hot in your appartment now. If you want, you might take one of the vents from the institute on Monday to the guesthouse.

Good night Michael

PS: I"m not sure, but I have probably sent some mails in the past to a wrong address at hotmail. Do you have a . in your hotmail address between first and family name ? It might be that some messages did not reach you, because my computer at home has problems with the .-key.

Take Care

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