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Swedish Guide through IKEA

Dear Ghazal,

You probably filled your apartment already with the vanilla smell coming from the scent candle. Be carefull you don"t fall asleep with the candle still burning !!!
Was Chrysi satisfied with the pillow ? I was really amazed when I saw you testing the quality of the different cushions at the IKEA store. It so much reminded me of the fairytale "Prinzess on the pea" by Anderson (I think in swedish it is call "Prinsessan på ärten"). Did your parents told you this story ? If not, remind me of it and I will tell you sometime.
Ghazal, I have to admit that I was lying to you today: I have never been to this IKEA befor. I guess you felt it already when I drove 20 km to far north. Thanks god you are such a polite person that you did not said anything. I hope you are not disappointed now. I promise you, in general I"m very thrustworthy. An in particular if it comes to finding a way through an unknown landscape.

I will send you the old e-mail with the pictures from Berlin to your Helmholtz-Address, cause the images are probably to large to be seen on your mobile.

Sleep well ,

PS: I rarely had such an entertaining ride on the motorway, through the rain and the traffic jam as today with you. And I"m very happy if I can make you laugh.

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