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Format of Live

Hi Ghazal, Yes you are absolutely right and I have to apologize for this.
But to be honest, I did it intentionally to provoke an reaction from you.
You remember, it already worked ones, when I started to call you Miss F. You then stoped right away calling me Dr. something.

Don"t worry, I don"t want to distract too much of your attention from the lab-work. I can imagine, its all quite new stuff. I just believe, that we are not just slaves of our work, but should try to stay human.

Take care, enjoy the evening Michael

on 09.06.2010 15:46, Ghazal F. wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thank you for all the primers! I will check more
> and try to do PCR next week or on friday.
> I think the last email you sent me was an SMS format???
> regards
> Ghazal F.
> on 09.06.2010 15:19, Michael R. wrote:
>> Sorry Ghazal, but I forgot to attache the list of the markers that I
>> mentioned. Here it comes.
>> Greetings Michael
>> PS: Please no answer in SMS format any more. There is an
>> e-mail filter in my computer, which considers every message
>> as spam if it is shorter than 30 words or 5 sentences and
>> if it doesn"t contain a personal phrase.

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