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Eternal Music

Hi Ghazal,

Did you enjoyed the music that I gave you ? I don"t know if it matches your taste. The "Friday Night in San Francisco" concert was recorded in 1983, and was very popular than and still is considered a mile-stone in popular music, although it is rarely played nowadays in radio. But I think when you were born, it was always on air. There is a theory saying that music, that was around during somebodies early childhood influences your taste for the rest of your life. Maybe you know that there is one hypothesis saying that even the unborn embryo in the mothers womb is already very much exposed to sounds coming from the outside, and that there is an unconscious memory to the music from this prenatal period of life. If this is true, than you might like this "Friday Night in San Francisco", assuming that your mom listened to it when she was pregnant with you.
The other two records are by singers that belong to two different generations. One made her big debute also about 25 years ago, the other is much younger (first appearance on stage in 2008). I would be very curious if you can tell who of the two (one is Asa and the other is Sade) is from the 20th century and who is from 21st. Of course you might click on their webpages (which are also stored on the CD) and look it up.

Yours Michael

PS: These hype around Football World-Championship is awful, don"t you think so ? How can get people so occupied by the question which nation kicks a ball more frequently. I have the battle for a ball every morning with my dog, but would not build my whole mental energy around this game.

1 comment:

  1. The music you gave me was not the type of music i usually listen to. Friday night in san francisco.... it was only intruments??right? I have never heard it before. Asa and Sade. I liked Sade more. Some of sade's songs i liked actually. they were calm and nice. so i guess hmm.. that sade is from the new generation, so from 21th century and Asa i really didnt like.. tried to listen and enjoy but couldnt really. Asa is then from 20th century. Am I right?
    My parents mostly listened to michael jackson modern talking during my childhood i remember, and persian music. dont think they listened to friday night in san francisco.:)

    Thank you for the music. you did not have to do this.

    see you