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The Orphan Ghazal Receptor

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,

I hope everything went well today, that your family had a good flight and they like the flat and the neighbourhood and the fine car. You have been perhaps very busy organizing everything and enjoy to chat in your own language with your relatives.

Just would like to tell you, that Google had not managed to update their search results. The Persian-Cat blog went even higher on the list of hits after searching for your name. I have therefore replaced your name with the fictional "Azal". I know you are not pleased with this, my dear, but it will only be temporary, untill Google has "forgotten" that there is a relation between Persian-Cat and your family name (hope this will happen within the next 1-2 weeks). Then I"ll revert the changes. At the moment Google still finds the blog, but if somebody starts to read it seems as if Google associated your name and the blog by mistake.

It was not easy for me to replace your real name with this "Azal". I don"t mean the technical part, this was done just with a few mouse-clicks. But emotionally I did it with extreme unease.
I have no "receptor" for this abstract name "Azal", it does not induce memories of nice moments as it is the case with your real name. Therefore I hope, I can revert these changes as soon as possible.

I hope you have a nice and pleasant evening with your family and sleep well and dream something interesting.


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