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Spot the Stjaernfallen next week

Hi Ghazal my Dear,

Don"t know were you spend the evening tonight, but I"d like to remind you of the Perseiden Stjaernfallen that are most prominent these days. I think to watch them is also a good remedy for the sadness that one usually gets before beloved people leave.

Since the next two days might be quite cloudy, I think tonight is the only chance to view the fallen stars (nice term, isn"t it. Maybe we can see fallen stars like Whitney Houston, Britney Spears or Mikey Rourke tonight, or Michael Schumacher, Maradonna and the like).
To be honest, real Stjaernfallen are much nicer than these celebrities that greet us every day from the yellow-press.
To help you find the Perseides and have a good chance to spot some of the meteors, I made a scheme for you to get an orientation on the night sky.
First try to find the northern direction (from your house look towards the Olympia TV-tower). Then turn your head further to the right, untill you see somewhere a very prominent constellation of stars called Cassiopeia (like a hughe W on the sky). Below or slightly left of Cassiopeia (depending at what time at night you are there) there is the constellation called Perseus, and the Stjaernfallen should originate from this site.

As I told you, according to mythology, you can express a wish whenever you see a Stjaernfallen, but you should not tell anybody about it.
I saw some already yesterday night, and I hope that neither of my wishes collided with your future planing. I tried to avoid anything that is related to the place or the country where you want to do your PhD project (I think this question is too much conflict-loaded).
Therefore, I"ll continue with wishes that I think everybody can live with.

Would be nice to read some words from you

Take Care


Just to avoid any confusion on the night sky: the description above referes to the site of I.s house. In case you are in Unterschleissheim tonight, you have to look north, but this will be almost opposite to the Olympia-TV-Tower. Standing in front of the guesthouse, you should then turn your eyes to the left (along Edith-Stein-Strasse).
Maybe you are not in the mood to watch the stars tonight at all. But be careful, than all my (crazy) wishes might come true.

Take Care, my dear


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