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What a great song

Dear Ghazal,

Sorry for bothering you once again. Its not nice, I know, I"m sure you want to spend the last evening with your family without beeing disturbed by this silly guy from the institute.
So you don" t have to read this, maybe just keep it for later.
I was listening to the radio-station that you have shown me recently when we were coming back from the lake (Radio2Day). I have to admit, it is really the station with the nicest program. I only can not imagine, how you got caught by it, since they play only music from 20 years ago or so. It would confirm my suggestion that one instinctively likes the music that was around when one was still in the embryonal state or just born.
One of the greatest song ever sung they were just playing now, Gloria Gaynors "I will survive". It is such an amazing and strong song, I could imagine that you sing it once. I hope that you will always be as strong as Gloria Gaynor and that you will never give up.

B.t.w. the whole Radio2Days you can listen through web-stream.

Sorry for beeing so unpersonal, Ghazal, but I haven"t heard from you something since Sunday, so I can not reply really to something that you wrote. I just like balloon flying with the wind here and there, and picking up what is around.

I miss you, there is nobody taking care of me


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