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Bitter Lemon Hypothesis rejected by Ghazal

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,

Are you already at home relaxing ? Have you found the delicious "Bitter Lemon" lemonade in your local store? The standard brand here would be from Schweppes (UK). But this is about 3 x more expensive than the ordinary Supermarket bottles that you tried today. And for my taste, Schweppes Bitter Lemon is a bit to strong (Maybe it is delicious up-in-the-air).
I am surprised that you enjoy this bitter taste. An interpretation from the neurologists would be, that you are very happy at the moment. Evolutionary, bitter taste was always a warning of something dangerous like poisened food or toxic plants. For animals, bitter taste is an alert signal and causes them some stress. This is perhaps the reason why people, if they have some stress or are unhappy, take some sweets (and eat too much of them). In german we have a phrase saying "who has got lots of trouble, also has got lots of liquor (thats a sweet alcoholic bevarage, usually disgusting)" .
However, if you eat or drink bitter stuff intentionally means you are very confident with life and emotionally high up, so you feel superior to the natural warning sign of a bitter taste.
Wow Ghazal, if this is right, you must be in the mood like a young goddess today. I keep my fingers crossed that you stay so happy till Monday (and of course for ever).

Take Care, my Dear If you feel lonely, send me an e-mail (but also if you are not lonely) . Even if you just send 5 words, I will understand.


Hi Michael,

No, I did not go to the supermarket to look for the drink. I"ll go there tomorrow. So I am happy because I liked the drink, hmmm well I"m happy but dont know if that theory is correct.

have a good night you too.


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