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PhD project in Munich

Ghazal my dear,

I hope you have a pleasant evening and that you are not only standing in the kitchen. Be careful, if the swedish authorities see this, you will be punished for not following the official policy of womans emancipation. I keep my hope, that the people are more free in their decisions and understand, that doing something in the kitchen can be very pleasant as well. I like it, it has some relation to science and to lab-work, don"t you think so ?
Anyhow, I would also be very happy to know that you enjoy these few days and nights of warm and bright summer. May and June was so awful, always grey and cold and wet, that even myself (who has an atypical high level of serotonin, dopamin and melatonin) started to get signs of depression. However, there was always the hope to see you the next day, which was and still is the best remedy against sad emotions.
You are completely different, I know this, you have this potential deep inside of you to stop any influence from the outside and concentrate on thoughts and memories and dreams (you call them day-dreams, for me they are end-of-the-day dreams). Maybe you can switch your mind to the angels universe, I would not be surprised.
I think when I saw you the first time sitting in the front raw in the seminar room, you were in exactly this state. It was winter time, cold, wet, streets covered with mud, snow-flakes penetrating the space between neck and coat, shoes did not dry anymore and looked like on a 1st world war battle field. But there you were sitting and filling the seminar room with the aura of an oriental garden. Ghazal, who you think could resist this picture ? Whom you want to blame for immediately feeling the desire to follow you in this other world ?

Now at least the climate changed for the better. After work I always pass along a lake to go swimming. Later I spend the night in the garden and read or play some guitar. The only audience usually is our dog. The rest of the family sits inside and insists they don"t hear. In summer time, southern Germany can be a pleasant place. And winter time is also fine, with a lot of snow and clear sky. What is usually less pleasant are the few month in between.
Ghazal, maybe you consider doing your PhD in Germany. I think the competition is less strong than in Sweden. Talk to Iria or Olena, they will tell you that in Munich it is easy to live and have fun without knowing a lot of german. There are so many high-class institutes in Munich, the two Universities and the Max-Planck-Institutes and Helmholtz also has some very strong groups. And Sweden and Germany are virtually neighbours, only the Baltic Sea between them.

Oh, something else I have to ask you: I bought today this pink Panasonic MP3-player station (the one we looked at last Friday in the Electronic Super-Market).
It was by the way a unique product, something like a prototype. Therefore, I got it without a proper box. Only at home I found out that it is completely incompatible with my Hewlett-Packard Mp3-player. I therefore will give it to you tomorrow. And you keep it (at least till the end of your project), we already know it works perfectly with your IPod.

Sorry, that I wrote once again such an endless mail. And you might consider it complete nonsense.
Take Care


hi michael,
no i dont stand in the kitchen, i dont like to cook.

you should maybe go inside and play for your family then:) but its nice to play for the dog as well i guess.
no i would want to go back to sweden. its better. i will be with my family. im not saying munich is a bad place. but home is always the best place.

you bought exactly the one we saw? why, i dont think your son likes it. but you should keep it. i use my computer and listen to music through it. but it was kind of you.

have a good night!! :)

Dear Ghazal,

You are right. I should more often ask you for your opinion before doing something. The MP3 players design does not suit our sons taste: He only accepts black stuff. He is at an age when boys are very concerned to appeare maskuline, and the slightest risk that somebody might think he loves girls stuff makes him mad (the player is pink, as you remember).

Take Care

Yours Michael

PS: I feel very sorry about the watch. You might think I broke my promise that it will work at the end. Now it appears, it does not. Instead, I only wrote you endless theories about time shifts and angels universe.
If you agree, I"ll open it once again.

Sleep well

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