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A Summer of Peace between Cat and Dog

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,

Did you had a nice day today? It was pretty hot, wasn"t it. Have you done something nice ? Could you enjoy the summer day ?
Did you recognise that the smell of the lime-trees (the ones we saw around the lake) is particular strong and long lasting this year ? I think this summer is special at all. I cant remember seeing the stars so clear and sparkling as this summer, I cant remember feeling the water of the lakes so smooth and tender and I never heard so much nice music as this summer. And of course I never before had the privileg to meet an angel being so inspiring and funny and mysterious as you are. In this respekt, we are quite different. I probably talk much to much (at least to you), and there is probably not much left that you might think is worth to hear. (Except for a few things, that I"m just not encouraged enough to say). You, in contrast, are like a book with seven hidden keys and you expect one to battle for some small details of this book (I remember when you wrote that you don"t like to read, that you find it boring. I hardly know anybody else being so open, so stringent and so self-confident in its judgement. But it is difficult to get such clear words from you a lot (o.k.,as an exception, your antipathy for german police-men was quite clear).

Today I saw something funny, when we were invited to a friends birthday (not really a party, rather a breakfast in a park about 100 km away). And there, a black-and-white cat (I think it was a male) appeared on the scene, which of course made our dog (a she) pretty nervous, because cats and dogs instinctively hate each other.
Our dog is usually a bit courious and wants to explore other creatures, so she got closer to the cat to check how he smells and if one can play with him. And as expected, the cat suddenly slapped her with the claws in his face. Ivo was crying a bit, but soon forget this attack. Meanwhile the cat was laying in the sun with his eyes closed. I think he was satisfied because he made clear that he can defend himself very well even if he was 3 times smaller. Now he allowed our dog to come closer, and at the end both were eating absolute peaceful food from the same pot. I"m sure, with some more time the two would have become un-separable. Would be amazing, if mankind would such easy settle its conflicts and fights.

Ghazal, you know what: You were wondering if there is a persian discotheque in Munich, and just by chance I found an advert for one going on today:

It is a pitty its already too late now. But maybe there will be another one later this month or in August.

I have to apologize once again for this long mail. You are so much more efficient in saying the essentials in a few words. I»m very bad in this, perhaps it would sound blunt or naive. If I try, I would just say that I miss you a lot.

Wish you a relaxing night and funny dreams.

Take Care,


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