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For your eyes only

Ghazal my dear, do you know this song ? It is by Sheena Easton and was the title song for the 1981 James Bond Movie.

It is a great melody, and it has very strong lyrics, and I can"t get it out of my mind any more when I recall the afternoon we have been together.
I don"t know why and how, but I feel that I more and more tell you
details from my life, that I usually keep for myself. I don"t tell them
to other people, I" afraid they might missunderstand most of them. Telling them to you, it is different, I can see in your eyes that you listen to them as if they are taken from a phantasy book. I don"t want to frighten you with all these silly things I did in the past, with the political fight and the secret service and right-wing idiots. It was all real, I was not lying a single world. But I told you that I never felt as a hero: I"m not. And I don"t want to impress you with this, I think I cannot impress you anyway. Maybe all I want is to show you that life can go through ups and downs and sometimes it might look really dramatic but than suddenly a miracle happens (like this year, when I suddenly saw you there, sitting in the first row of the seminar room, and I had this strange idea that I knew you already from 20 years ago). You are probably right, that this is all in my phantasy, but how much poorer would be our personal life and the whole world without this little bit of phantasy. And don"t you forget, science would be dead without phantasy.

Take care, be strong, trust yourself


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