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An evening up in the air of the Olympic-Tower

Hi Ghazal, my Dear,

I am sure you understand, that I don"t write you another long story tonight. Perhaps right from the beginning you had the suspicion that all these
hundreds of words I wrote you evening by evening were only there to cover up what I really felt for you. And of course my strange suggestions that you are an angel, coming from another world - well, that was probably the easiest way to avoid any firm statement on this. Sorry, I have to admit, I don"t have such a clear idea jet. When we are together, I"m always cought by dreams and I just wish these moments could last forever. I could stay with you on the plattform of the olympia-tower and see the world go round and round for the next hundred of years.
I"m happy that at least you, Ghazal, are much more realistic. I always admire your clear statements about things you like and others you don"t like.
In contrast to you, I always try some complex analysis, trying to consider if it is appropriate to like something or somebody. Thats why it took me a while before I found out that it is not only this phantasy of having met you and your parents 20 years ago in Berlin. This was perhaps just another secondary imagination, same as the Angel, the Traveler from outer space or the blue-eyed persian cat. What is behind all this phantasies is you, Ghazal, to whom I more and more fall in love. I don"t see anything bad in this, and whoever wants to condemn me for this is free to do so. And of course if you will ever say "leave me alone, don"t interfere with my life", I can"t and won"t do anything that is against your will.

Excuse me, I once again exceeded the size-limit of a short evening message.

I hope I don"t cause you insomnia (sleepless nights).

Relax, my dear, wish you a very intense REM-sleep and very long and relaxing non-REM sleep


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