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Coming home from the Movies ("Inception")

Ghazal, my Dear,

Did you arrived well in your apartment ? I was waiting untill I saw the light going on behind your window, so I could be sure that the stairway up to your apartment did not twist in an endless loop as in the movie "Inception". Ghazal, my dear, I was so happy to hear that it was not my personal ignorance that gave me problems to fully understanding the sense of the movie, but that you had some doubts as well. To be honest, our talks and ideas about dreams and how they influence our ordinary life seemed to me much more original and exciting than the movie.

However, I want to say thanks for the nice time you tolerated me on your side and for smuggling me into the cinema as a student-mate, and thanks for the sunshine before the movie and for showing me the moon-light later on.

Take Care


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