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What a trench-coat and a wrist-watch have in common

Ghazal, my dear, I”m sure you understoud right away why I did not want you to return your slowly running wrist-watch back to the shop for repair or replacement. Instead, I suggested doing the job myself, but not to safe some money.
Remember, you once told me that your mom stitched a rip in your trech-coat, what really struck me all of a heap. Now I very well understand why your mom wanted to do the job all by herself, Ghazal. I”m sure she did not want to hand-stitch your coat for any economic reason neither, she probably would be happy to buy a new trench-coat for you every year, if you want. What I assume drove her to take a needle and a thread and stitch your torned trench-coat herself was simply her love. She misses you, because you are far away, and by stitching your trench-coat she can materialize a bit of her love onto this piece of cloth that you might wear while beeing far from her. In our modern times, when emotions are mainly transmitted in an virtual manner and love, hate, sadness or anger are expressed virtually by SMS, telephon-calls, e-mail or twitter-tweets , I would say it is a very unique way how your mom tried to show her love to you. This way, she turned your trench-coat from an ordinary mass-produced good into something very unique and personal. The same way as an artist might give your house a unique, personal touch, your mother gave the coat a bit of her soul. Therefore, you have to cherish this coat from now on, don”t loos it somewhere, don”t throw it away, don”t give it to the poor when it gets old. Keep it with you, since it is loaded with your moms love and therefore it became very precious now. Unfortunately, your moms desire to building an imaginary link to her daughter by repairing her trench-coat, is not very common nowadays anymore. People rather prefer to throw stuff away and replace it with newly bought unpersonal goods. What your mom did shows this very rare example of mental aristocracy. And this, thanks god, has nothing to do with material wealth or with education, it has only to do with a deep understanding of the uniqueness of our life and our love.


hi michael,

im not yet sure of what i should present for my pecha kucha thing. but maybe i will present zartosht. but i can ask my family a lot so i dont need a book, but thank you for asking the man.

im glad that my watch works now!! thank you! thats really good news. its strange that the guy in the shop said that it will be a hard work to open the watch, that he had to send it to DKNY company to let them fix it. as u said, he only wanted the money probably.

yes my grandmum fixed my coat, and i really appreciate it. she always offers these things. she is great.

take care!


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